Recording / Stimulation:

  • 44 or 108 IECG channels
  • Build-in Navigation (option)
  • Build-in Stimulator
  • Build-in catheter connection block
  • Ablation catheter input channels include filters to eliminate RF-noise disturbance
  • Catheters connects direct to amplifier, causing less noise and improved signal quality

His bundle signal

Signals during ablation

Unipolar + Bipolar signals during ablation

  • Full disclosure system, all signals are stored during the procedure.
  • Small hardware design allows system to be portable
  • Build-in Stimulator reduces signal noise because of short connection

Pacing protocols: Async, Async extra, Sync, Sync extra and overdrive

  • Last stim trigger display
  • QRS Trigger display
  • Spectral analysis window
  • Compatible with most RF-ablation devices
  • RF-ablation window
  • Parameters for EPPerfect ablator and Cooljet pump can be set by software
  • Multi-calipers, notes and annotations
  • Workstation software available for remote patient analysis